Crossroads in Therapy

Belongg having taken note of the lack of dialogues around the intersection of social identities and mental health has engaged in multiple knowledge curation and creation efforts to propel the conversation about social identities and mental health forward. In this effort, the Belongg Mental Health Collective routinely produces podcast series to bring greater attention to how the different identities of individuals uniquely impact their mental health.

Locating the site of peace in conflict-affected regions

In this episode, we speak with Ufra Mir who has worked with persons from conflict-affected regions to discuss the possibility of situating harmony in a therapeutic setting and viewing therapy as a political space.

Rethinking the ‘family’ in family therapy

In this episode, we talk to Reena Nath, a psychotherapist working in the domain of family therapy about questioning and resisting binary systems in family therapy work.

Situating Disability in Therapy

In this episode we talk to Professor Renu Addlakha from the Centre for Women’s Development Studies about how the Covid pandemic has impacted the intersectional mental health needs of persons with disabilities and discuss its influence on the future of affirmative and inclusive therapy.

The “I” word in therapy work with children

In this episode, we talk to Kasturi Chetia, a clinical psychologist working at Children First India, about ways in which mental health professionals working with children can create a safe inclusive therapeutic space, specifically for children from marginalised communities.

Visibilising race in the therapy room

In this episode, we will discuss with Professor Thokchom Bibinaz about mental health service experiences for ethnic minority clients, questions of cultural sensitivity and understanding, and how this shapes the therapy experience for these people.