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About Belongg

Belongg is a social venture that offers discrimination-free services to people who face discrimination because of their identity. We run Open The Door – a program for inclusive housing, a Book Club & Library focused on inclusive literature, a Mental Health initiative focused on people prone to facing prejudice and bias, and also a Research Collective which brings together researchers working on these themes.

The Belongg Mental Health Collective

Identity-linked discrimination exacerbates mental health challenges faced by individuals. A range of studies have shown that people who face discrimination due to their identities – their caste, gender, religion, disability – experience more prominent episodes of depression, anxiety, or fear than others.

The Belongg Mental Health Collective seeks to address this intersection by collecting and disseminating inclusive mental health resources to such diverse communities. We bring inclusive mental health knowledge, resources, experts, and even a community of peers focused on these issues.


Anugraha Raman
Preferred Pronouns- She/her

Anugraha is a psychology graduate from TISS who is passionate about contributing to psychological knowledge about marginalized groups, improving their mental health, sensitizing health systems, informing policy design and achieving mental health equity. She has worked with the indigenous communities of the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, assisted research on deinstitutionalized women with psychosis, and wrote her master's dissertation on the phenomenological experience of community violence in a resettlement area. She has also worked with students with autism spectrum disorder and with adolescent and young adult individuals in therapy.

Saransh Bisht
Associate (Mental Health Collective, Belongg)
Preferred Pronouns- he/him, they/them

Saransh has completed his post graduation in Clinical Psychology from Ambedkar University. In the past he has worked with diverse communities on themes of disability, gender and mental health. In 2019 he co-founded queer listening circle to enable healing spaces among community spaces. He is a mental health advocate and aspires to involve himself in trauma informed work with marginalised communities in the future.

Sanjana Chettri
Preferred Pronouns- she/her

Sanjana is the Research Collective Associate at Belongg. She feels strongly about ideas of representation, social justice and mental health. Her experience spans working on issues of gender justice, education and human rights with organizations like Jagori, Sangath etc. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Lady Shri College for Women.

Nirat Bhatnagar
Preferred Pronouns- he/him

Nirat is the founder of Belongg and has deep experience in social innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategy. In addition to Belongg, he is also a Partner at Dalberg Advisors where he focuses on strategic questions in water, sanitation, and agriculture. He is also the founder of The Slow School a venture that focuses on self-reflection and “inner work”. He studied at IIT Kharagpur & IIM Bangalore and spent several years in management consulting and technology entrepreneurship before following his heart into the world of social innovation.

Lasya Nadimpally
Community Manager
Preferred Pronouns- she/her

Lasya is the Community Manager at Belongg. She travels to learn about people, cultures and societies in an attempt to understand the diversity in the world and her own self a little better every day. She worked as a writer and editor for various publications such as Outlook Traveller Getaways, Sakal Times, Youth Ki Awaaz and Deccan Chronicle. She also volunteers in the organising team of Human Library Delhi, which brings together people and facilitates conversations to break taboos. In her free time, you can catch her playing with her dog, making and painting pots, reading books, baking, sharing opinions on Twitter or learning new things about development and policy.

Frequently Asked Questions​

We are constantly looking for enthusiastic partners working on the theme of intersectional mental health. If you are a mental health practitioner, a collective, an organisation or a corporate network that is interested in partnering with us, write to us on contact@belongg.net.

Every month we dedicate our social media platforms to a particular theme and bring to the fore, conversations and resources around this theme. You can check out our social media campaigns by clicking the social media icons below.

At the moment we are not providing any counselling and/or therapy services. Our work is limited to mental health advocacy. However, do check out our partners who provide such services.

At the moment we are not providing any counselling and/or therapy services. Our work is limited to mental health advocacy.

We are always open to have on-board enthusiastic volunteers and interns wishing to make a difference. If you are interested to join our team as a volunteer or intern, mail us on