Student Entry: If Only They Knew by Chessana Malik

A hurricane in my brain destroying all that I had nurtured,

Intrusive thoughts that constantly keep me burdened.

Butterflies in my stomach that turned into a deep dark empty hole,

If only I acknowledged how it tore apart my heart and soul.

Around my loved ones I let loose and laugh,

Until the voice in my brain pushes me right back into the dark.

We must keep going, she’d murmur, it was the only way to heal.

But her angelic whispers soon turned into diabolical screams.

The constant loop of feeling nothing but numbness,

But to me my surroundings are gloomy and all I see is dullness.

Life is beautiful I understand,

Yet I can’t come to terms with if I want to stay in this fairyland.

Like every night I sat by my window in a silent fear,

The demons of my darkness often drove me here,

Gazing at the pitch dark sky,

But tonight it was a boon!

As tonight for the first time I noticed the moon.

But it had always existed, just out of sight!

Even when there was so much quiet in the sky.

It dazzled in its own light.

The poem was written by Chessana Malik, a student of Vasant Valley School, Delhi. She submitted her work as a part of the Belongg Writing Contest 2021.

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