Student Entry: Generation Z’s Degenerate mental health by Ananya H Potty

A moment of slack, and I’ve gone too far, astray,

Appearing at the house to which I’m always whisked away,

I don’t think to knock, for I’ve been here before,

I’m well aware of what lies behind the creaky door


The lock clicks shut; deafening silence, a pause,

Not knowing why I can’t hear them, I stand still at a loss,

Soon the familiar warble of voices enshroud me,

Familiar arms tackle me; demons whose faces I never see


They tell me what to do, what not to,

They tell me no one admires me, they all think of me a fool,

They tell me not a soul cares for me sincerely, without wax,

They hate my presence, and would rather strike me with an axe


Then abruptly they eject me out of their home,

I’m filled with the new fears they’ve injected in my soul,

Hot tears slip past my bloodshot eyes,

The tiny ray of hope in me, shrunken further in size,


I come back to where I was; distorted, dizzy, troubled,

My thoughts’ path’s I traverse, imbalanced on the cobbled,

I seen careless, touchy and mentally absent,

Often in deep reverie, then shaken out, frazzled


You might wonder, if you’re normal (ha!),who those dark demons are,

Who brought me down to my place, and ripped me apart,

The dark house, so lonely, is none but my mind,

The dark demons, my fears, doubts and anxiety inside…

The poem was written by Ananya H Potty, a student of Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, Chennai. She submitted her work as a part of the Belongg Writing Contest 2021.

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