Be Kind to your mind

Student Entry: Be Kind To Your Mind by Aadhya Bharara


When you think all your energy is drained

And your life seems so puzzled and pained.

When you feel lost and confused

Thinking you’ve been battled and bruised.

All you need to do is breathe 

And don’t let the demons pull you underneath.


When you feel trapped in your skin 

Feeling broken and burnt within.

When you’re high on emotion 

And cannot think of any solution.

What you do is battle through the dark 

And strive to find that spark.


When you know there is no such thing as perfection

But still, continue to hate your reflection.

You should know that you’re not alone

And in the end, you will make it home.

You should know that it’s going to be fine

Gather some courage and everything will align.


Every aspect of mental health 

Is about finding your strengths 

It’s not about words of your pain 

But the virtues that you gain 

Because conclusively it’s all about being kind 

Not just to others, but also to your mind


The poem was written by Aadhya Bharara, a student of Vasant Valley School, Delhi. She submitted her work as a part of the Belongg Writing Contest 2021. 

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